2014 Special Events

Sunday – Heroes and Heroines Reception at WWII Museum

Designated by Congress in 2003 as the United States’ National WWII Museum, New Orleans’ #1 attraction exemplifies rich storytelling in an experiential setting.  We enjoyed wonderful New Orleans cuisine, while taking in the wide variety of media and methods used to tell the WWII story.

Monday – From Birth to Rebirth Reception

We experienced the history of music in New Orleans at the Sheraton New Orleans and New Orleans Marriott.  In the late 19th century, while the rest of America was stomping their feet to military marches, New Orleans was dancing to its own unique rhythms.  This evening gave us the essence and emotions of many people and many cultures.  In addition to being the birthplace of Jazz, the culture and history of New Orleans led to Dixieland, blues, Gospel, Zydeco and Funk.  Each genre of music has its own special story and history and came together Monday during e4 with variety of flavor and spices…just like Gumbo.

Tuesday – Bedtime Stories Reception

Just when we thought e4 was winding down, it was the perfect time for another story.  In fact, we celebrated with a mix of many of our favorite childhood stories and characters ranging from The Wizard of Oz to Peter Pan to Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat and Alice in Wonderland.  This whimsical evening included pillow fights, Thing 1 and 2, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, beds that everyone wanted to jump on plus more great music.