2014 Educational Sessions


Opening General Session - Stories Work

Presented by: Jonathan Gottschall & Ekaterina Walter

Storytelling Pyramid.pdf

The Power of Story.pdf

Storytelling Heros.pdf

Events as Stories

Presented by:  Greg Bogue and Cynthia Hornketh

Events as Stories Handout.pdf

Events as Stories.pdf

Higher Purpose Stories

Presented by:  Mary Beth McEuen

Higher Purpose Stories.pdf

Real Time Marketing

Presented by: Ekaterina Walter

Real Time Marketing.pdf

The Stories Data Tell

Presented by: Tracie Gildhaus & Yazir Phelps

Stories Data Tell.pdf

Visual Organization.pdf

Storytellers' Workshop

Presented by: The Moth

Storytellers Workshop.pdf

Technology Today and Tomorrow

Presented by: Dahlia El Gazzar & Tara Thomas

Tech Today and Tomorrow.pdf


Express Cafés

Express Café Schedule.pdf

Outmaneuvering Pirates 

Presented by:  Sarah Utzig and Pam Nutting


The Hub

Presented @ The Hub: Aligning Event Experiences  Monday & Wednesday

Aligning Event Experiences.pdf