Continuing Education

For those who are planning to apply for, or renew, their CMP certification, below are the links to the form for 2017 as well as forms for previous years (2013 – 2016). Effective early 2015, the CIC is no longer certifying hours other than for Preferred Partners.  The hours from e4 2015 and 2016 should still qualify and we have taken the step of identifying the likely CMP-IS Domain for each of the 2017 (and 2015/2016) sessions along with the number of hours. You also need to verify your attendance.  You can use a copy of your registration confirmation or email for a copy of the attendee list when proving attendance.

2017 form:

e4 2017 CE Content.pdf

2016 form:

e4 2016 CE Content.pdf

2015 form:

e4 2015 CE Content.pdf

For your convenience we kept the 2013 & 2014 forms below: 

2014 form:

e4 2014 CE Verified.pdf

2013 form*:

e4 2013 CE Verified.pdf

*2013 forms updated January, 2014